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Monday, 2019-06-17
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Forum » In game related threads » Guides » Reborns Guide (Part 1) (In this Guide ill explain you rbs and the main points in it)
Reborns Guide (Part 1)
eGoDate: Tuesday, 2012-01-03, 7:29 PM | Message # 1
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Reborns Guide
So first off, you know reborns are one main point in the game Conquer Online, so it is in our Private Server...and on Zath's request Ill do a Guide to help him =)
Now that u know why i do this its important for you to know the easiest/efficientest way to rb..Since we have 4 reborns in our server Im going to end up with Trojan because it fits most to me and cuz our server is 80 % pvp ... Ill explain where to lvl and give u tips to every RB.
Lets get started...You have to know that the best RB is X-X-X-Water-X [X=Any class]
In my case Ill go X-X-X-Water-Tro..
Ill start with archer, which is pretty smart cuz u can buy superman and then lvl in Lab4 or somewhere else..(Explanation Later)
Before we get started lvling you have to get your 500x Exp from MatchBoy next to TC LoveStone [In the Picture Below]

Now that u have our 500x exp Ill show u different spawns to level fast:

Frozen Grotto:



Now you have seen the usual lvling spots but u dont know whats their advantages and disadvantages are, so im going to list a few good and bad things about any lvling zone :
Frozen Grotto:
Positive:-Amazing Spawns
-Few ppl, so u have more mobs for yourself
-Actually same as 2nd point, but still few ppl means less PKers, which means easier lvling =D

Negative:-I dont know anything bad about it.

Leveling Zone:
Positive:-Few ppl there
-No PKers at all

Negative:-Small spawns

Positive:-Good spawns
Negative:-ALOT PKERS
-Hard lvl

All in all I'd suggest you to level in Frozen Grotto, since there are few ppl and amazing spawns....
Still its your decision where to level ..

Now that you leveled to 200 go to the npc 1kk=1level and do your last level to 201 there [PIC BELOW] (in TC abit east of LoveStone)

Now that you are 201 go to the NPC called 1RB in TC with the Coordinates (443,397)[Ofcourse a picture Below]
ÐreamDate: Tuesday, 2012-01-03, 7:34 PM | Message # 2
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Nice one ego.
but the lvl 200 to 201 isnt 1kk , its 20kk , the npc says 1kk but inrl its 20kk
happy playin al

hamadaDate: Tuesday, 2012-01-17, 3:19 PM | Message # 3
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known as MaX
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Forum » In game related threads » Guides » Reborns Guide (Part 1) (In this Guide ill explain you rbs and the main points in it)
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