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Sunday, 2019-04-21
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Forum » In game related threads » Guides » NPC GUIDE-ABOUT ALL NPC'S IN TC+MARKET!(Credits To Troleds) (Explains about the npcs there are in Zath-Co)
TroledsDate: Wednesday, 2012-01-04, 11:37 PM | Message # 1
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Here's guide about main npcs in Zath-Co.

Lets start off with the npc whom changes your CPs into GoldMedalPacks aka GMPs.

There's more than 1 Pedlar on Zath-Co. This one sells skills for 100kk Gold.

Another Pedlar xD. This one sells potions.

GeneralWinner teleports you to CPs pk arena. Entering costs 100kk cps.

This Zath-Co npc has useful links.

Here's the most famous npc of our server most likely. Mis.Free... always gives ya freebies.

This Zath-Co npc tells ya how many players there are currently on the map. But i think she might lie sometimes surprised

WeaponMaster upgrades your proficiency to Lvl 20 for 1kk each Proficiency level.

MatchBoy gives ya exp to help your way to 200.

Revenant changes your gender for 1 GMP. You can even marry some lovely male by changing yourself into female and then back to male. Same way for 2 females wink

Reallot your attribute points.

Well screenshot explains it fairly well. But you can pay 1kk cps for a level. But why use it when leveling is so easy? aaa

Remove.Free changes your class for 100kk cps. Tip for people whom may not know of this - You can get water spells including revive, by starting as water tao, then change into warrior or trojan.

StoneBandit teleports you to AncientDevil/GoldCup +3... famous pking area cause that's the place where people try getting their lovely +3 GoldCups.

GreenSnake teleports you to SnakeKing area. You will get 500kk cps when ya kill SnakeKing, but some people block the way in there. Either kill em or try getting on same spot with them biggrin

If you need a safe place to have some luckytime with your spouse there's ChillingRooms... or if some pker pisses ya off that much.. you may go to ChillingRoom and have a ciggy irl. shy

All 3 Npcs standing there sell different garments with 2 socks.

This Barber changes gems in your garment for 5 GMPs.

Added (2012-01-05, 2:37 AM)
ArtisanCloud sockets gems into your equipment and that Storekeeper has super gems and +7-+8 stones.

WeaponMaster levels your equipments level with dbs even from Lvl 15 to 150. No need to use meteors with the other upgrader.

MagicArtisan upgrades equips and quality.
ProficiencyGod upgrades Proficiency with exp balls only to 12 maximum.
GodArtisan fixes your durability to maximum possible.
Ethereal blesses your equipments with tortoise gems.
WuxingOven allows you to enchant hp in your items and to make your equipments +13 - +15.

Louis makes your Fan and Tower -1 for 500kk cps each item.
Changer unlocks your precious gear for 500kk cps each item.
UnknownMan lvls you to 101 with 1 db.

Stake0 Takes away your pk points and gives you 1 Date Token for 500 pk points. Also with Stake0 you can change 2 Date Tokens for 1 GMP. Make sure you have enough space in inventory
CloudSaint sells ya DBScroll for 20k CPs. Also exchanges 2 Date Tokens for 1 MeteorTear.
Starlit helps you get divorced.
ZathDate: Friday, 2012-01-06, 6:50 PM | Message # 2
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# big thanks to Troleds for making this perfect npc guide!
# appriciate for what your doing for zath-co
# Sticky!
# Worth to be looked at!

Added (2012-01-06, 9:50 PM)
# www.zath-npc.tk

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Forum » In game related threads » Guides » NPC GUIDE-ABOUT ALL NPC'S IN TC+MARKET!(Credits To Troleds) (Explains about the npcs there are in Zath-Co)
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